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Sassafras Tree

Sassafras Tree – Sassafras albidum

The sassafras tree is highly prized for its aromatic leaves and roots, which were once used to make old-fashioned sassafras tea, that are ground to make the file for Cajun-style file gumbo. Found throughout most of Eastern the United States, the sassafras tree grows well in Hardiness Zones 4 though 9.

Sassafras can be planted in dense thickets to produce brilliant foliage displays in fall, or it can be planted alone as a shade or ornamental tree. When used in landscaping, seedlings and very young trees are preferred for transplanting, as older trees are generally difficult to transplant successfully. The tree’s seeds are also suitable for germination. Seeds are collected in the autumn and planted the following spring.

Sassafras is a medium-fast grower, with most trees adding anywhere from 13 to 24 inches to their height each year. At maturity, sassafras reaches anywhere from 30 to 60 feet high and has a canopy that reaches 25 to 40 feet wide.

Sassafras thrives in areas with at least four hours of direct sunlight each day, but also tolerates partial shade. This tree prefers soil with a low pH, but can adapt to a wide variety of soil types, including wet, acidic and loamy soils. Sassafras trees are tallest when they are grown in well-drained, loamy soil or well-drained sandy soil. Sassafras is moderately drought tolerant and can withstand some exposure to salt.

Most Popular Trees For Landscaping

The perfect landscape should always include an ample amount of trees. Not only do trees purify the air because they take in carbon dioxide and give out plenty of oxygen, but they look beautiful. Trees provide good shade and an amazing place to hang a tire swing for the children. Here are some outstanding trees that can be added to any setting and can take a bland yard to amazing in just a few short years:

Red Maple Trees

Often called the Acer rubrum, the Red Maple is one of the most beautiful trees to have in a yard. They have a deep color pattern that makes them stand out among others. They are gorgeous with a beautiful scarlet color in the fall that makes them a great choice. They are easy to grow and can work in climates from the deep south to the north. Installing a maple tap for fresh sap is also possible with this variety, but they will not produce as much as other maple varieties. These trees can grow to reach heights of nearly 50 ft., which is important to consider when planting them. The Red Maples are one of the most common and gorgeous trees to add to any landscape.

Sugar Maple Trees

When speaking of maple trees, most people commonly think of the sugar maple. This tree variety is by far the most common and beloved of all the maple trees. Those who want to create their own homemade syrup from the sap will find an abundance with this variety. With the ability to reach 100 ft., these trees can provide ample shade to any outdoor space. Because they can stand temperatures from 0 to 100° F, they are hardy and able to be planted in most locations throughout the United States. They the state tree of Road Island and with good reason. They are an excellent addition to add to any piece of land for shade, sap and exceptional beauty.

Pin Oak Trees

For those who want shade and lots of it, the Pink Oak Tree is the perfect selection. This tree is not for a small yard, it is gigantic and there needs to be a space of around 600 sq. ft. to plant and allow ample room to grow. They need plenty of water and an acidic soil for them to reach their full potential. With stunning yellow leaves and the abundant amounts of shade, these trees are voted most popular due to their benefits and beauty.

Pink Dogwood Tree

For a splash of color and a truly superior look in landscape, add a beautiful pink dogwood tree to the yard. These trees need some shade as the full sun is too much for them to handle. They need an acidic soil and prefer a dryer climate. They do not grow as large as most trees, roughly around 25 feet, but they can certainly give a whole new look to any yard. This flowering tree is one of the most desirable species because of its beautiful pink color and unique biscuit shaped flowers.