Moss, The Perfect Addition To Shade

Moss can be a tremendous addition to the damp and shady garden. Whether it is used as a natural ground cover, a complement to rock landscaping, or to cover a wall, the green shades of these plants add a sense of tranquility to the home.

Mosses, unlike most garden plants, lack true roots. Without an extensive root system, most mosses rely on damp conditions to ensure they thrive. However, this also means they are built to pull all the nutrients they need from the sunlight, air, and surface soil. They do not require deep watering or heavy fertilization. Once established, they are easy to care for.

There are two primary ways to plant moss in your garden. The first involves planting them sheets or clumps. Lightly rake or scratch the surface of your garden and water it well. Consider adding something to retain moisture, such as water gel crystals. Lay your mosses on top of the soil and water or mist lightly. This misting may need to be repeated daily for several weeks, but once the mosses are established, they will tolerate drier conditions.

To cover rocks or walls, consider this unconventional method. Handfuls of moss can be blended with buttermilk or yogurt, plus water, sugar, and other additives. The resulting liquid can be painted or sprayed onto the target surface. Mist lightly daily, and soon your mosses will begin to flourish. This method allows you some extra creativity. You can paint or write different shapes almost anywhere.

Mosses are attractive and easy to care for. They impart a soft and inviting look wherever they grow. Consider adding them to your garden, patio, and indoor containers.
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